Pixer Eternity


Pixer Eternity is a global sports community for everyone, with NFT as a community equity. Pixer Eternity is a multi-functional platform built for all users, including Sport-to-Earn, NFT, Game-Fi, DeFi and Market.

With Game-Fi/Sport-to-Earn, Pixer Eternity encourages users to burn their calories, drives millions toward a healthier lifestyle, combats climate change and connects the public to Web 3.0. At the same time, it relies on its Social-Fi outer loop to build a durable platform that nurtures Web 3.0 content-generated users.

Pixer Eternity is an NFT-based Sport-to-Earn sports platform.

First, Users equip themselves with NFTs on the Pixer Eternity platform, and obtain corresponding PLP/PXT according to sports vote, treasure hunt, and sports games. PLP can be used in games. We encourage UGC users to generate content, which can drive more users to exercise and can make DAPP more dynamic.

Secondly, Pixer Eternity has an exclusive NFT marketplace. Users can freely buy and sell NFTs in the NFT market.

Thirdly, Pixer Eternity will cooperate with game studios to continuously release some NFT games (NFT GameFi). NFT holders can get more surprises in the game. For example, PXT can be used to buy props and consumables in the game. Ultimately, users can get rewards through P2E (Play-to-Earn).

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